Farmhouse Fourth of July

My husband and I are both very thankful to call America our home. Our grandparents were World War II veterans and we are beyond blessed for their sacrifices, along with so many other brave men and women. It is because of them that we are able to share in wonderful celebrations in their honor. Our 4th of July celebration entails finding a lake, partying on the pontoon, BBQing, watching fireworks and enjoying family and friends. 

The holiday marks the beginning of the cheerful parade of summer visitors that stop by the farmhouse to say hello. We set up the corn hole boards in the lawn, make sure the pantry has lots of lemonade mix, stalk the freezer full of meats for BBQing and keep the cookie jar full of snickerdoodles.

I think my favorite activity is to festoon the farmhouse. Check out these simple and festive ideas to use in your home.

172f2d7b-b2d3-4032-960f-661affa300a2 I bought this vintage flag at an antique store last fall for $1.00 and have been so excited to use it. I went out to the pasture and gathered a simple array of green foliage.


I love garlands and buntings but I could not find anything that I just LOVED to hang on our hutch. After a fun visit to the fabric story I came home and made my own.


Old fashioned cupcakes are the perfect treat for summer and for the holiday.

God bless America. Have a happy and safe holiday!

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