Sunday Delights

Pansies, Independence Day Preparations & Chats with Grandma

The first delight – The original Alice and Wonderland was where I first learned to adore pansies. I mean come on how cute were those bright and cheerful pansies singing to beat to the band? This year I started my pansies from seed and was very happy with the germination results. I purchased the Historic Pansies Mix from Seed Savers Exchange and the colors in the mix are beautiful. 

The second delight – Having a home is one of the blessings that I continue to say thank you for in my prayers when I remember to send one up. Each home is different and yet they all are the same. A home is your special place in the world where you get to do life. The home were get to do life in is an old farmhouse in the middle of a meadow in a valley. It has been so much fun creating our home and letting it reflect our lives and who we are. I have a post coming out soon about styling your farmhouse for Independence Day and what the holiday means to us. 

The third delight – Chats with my grandma always make me smile and I had a really great chat with her this week. 

Have a happy week 🙂 


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