Sunday Delights

Lavender Hedge & The Boxcar Fire:

The beginning of the week was slow and calm and the end of the week was fast and horrible. During the beginning of the week our area received lots of lightening activity but we had no idea it would lead to fire that would last for 4 days. 

The first delight – I think everyone has thousands of little desires that we circulate through our hearts and minds. We may not think about them daily but they are there patiently waiting their turn. Some may always just be a thought but many will take form and give us endless joy. For me one of those little desires is having a lavender hedge around the white fence of my garden. Lavender is one of my favorite plants ever. It is wonderful pollinator food during the summer months, it smells wonderful and is very hardy which is perfect for our area. This week I worked on getting the weed mat installed, planting the lavender and installing drip line. Next will be to add mulch to complete this project. 

The second delight – You may think that I am nuts for calling a fire a delight but I think it fits perfectly. Yes, fires are horrible and devastating but seeing everyone work together is amazing. There are so many wonderful people who show up and help during a crisis in the agriculture community. Neighbors stop what they are doing and grab their fire fighters, equipment, supplies and hurry to the scene to help. I am so grateful to be part of a community that treats neighbors as friends and makes sure their livelihood is protected.

Have a happy and safe week 🙂  

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