Sunday Delights

Branding, Antique Store Finds & Garden Weeding:

I have three delights to share from this week. After reflecting on the week I have to admit it was one of the more full weeks we have had in awhile and completely worth the hard work because it was so so so much fun. 

The first delight – We have been to so many brandings this spring and it has been so much fun! This week we attended a neighbor’s branding and then we held two brandings of our own. Branding cattle is hard work but with a good crew it makes the hard work lots of fun.

The second delight – On Thursday I adventured to my favorite Antique Store called Breezeway Boutique Antique Market and is located in The Dalles, Oregon. I almost always find the best treasures for our home there and this trip did not disappoint. I scored a large basket, a book and a painting. 

The third delight – Garden Weeding. Some may refer to this more as a chore rather than a delight but I enjoy tending to my garden. Weeding is part of the process and once it is freshly weeded it looks so good. 

Have a happy week 🙂 


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