Sunday Delights – two weeks worth

Friends, Flooring, Cattle Country, Farmhouse Renovation Update & Branding:

This reflection captures two weeks worth of life because life was being lived and it has been wonderful! 

The first delight – Last weekend the sweet couple we met on our honeymoon came to visit us. It was just so great to show them our home, farm and ranch. Meeting good people and becoming life long friends is one of the joys in life that surprises me. Maybe it’s because you weren’t looking for anything and but your life is changed forever is the best way possible. I can’t wait to see them again!!

The second delight – My sweet hubby finished the flooring project in the master bedroom and the living room. It is AMAZING!!!! I am totally in love with it!

The third delight – I have always loved history with an emphasis on history around wars. But this winter I developed a love for Western Ranching History with an emphasis on the states in the Pacific Northwest. I just finished a great book I wanted to share called “Cattle Country of Peter French” by Giles French. This is a wonderful book about the ranching history of California and Oregon. I am hoping my husband and I get to take a road trip this year to the Round Corral that French built. 

The forth delight – The farmhouse is looking so good! I can’t believe how amazing it is turning out. The floors are complete! The walls and ceilings are textured and painted and done! The vent register covers are in the middle of a small makeover. I was going to purchase new vent register covers but they are almost $20.00 each. I tested the hammered texture spray paint on one and it turned out amazing! I will be finished these up this week. Also, I did the same treatment on the $0.28 cent light switch and outlet covers and they also turned out amazing! Such a fun and thirty fix for the boring covers. 

The first delight – Over the weekend my husband and I helped my family in Washington brand calves. It was so much fun to be around family and friends. I am so very thankful for my ranching heritage. Fun fact: My husband and I both are both the fifth generation from our ranching families. 

Have a happy week 🙂 

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