Sunday Delights

New Addition & Farmhouse Renovation Projects:

I have two delights to share from the week and holy buckets the first one is AMAZING!

The first delight – We have an new addition to our family! Baby Jaxon arrived Friday morning! We are beyond excited to be an Uncle and an Auntie to the sweetest little fella I have ever seen. We made the adventure to Bend to meet him on Saturday!

The second delight – The renovation projects are coming along nicely! I finished the texturing the walls and ceiling in the master bedroom. They now have fresh paint and are ready for new trim and flooring. I am so in love with the color we decided on for the walls, which is a dark blue/grey that we will go great with the new flooring. The living room is about 1/3 done with half the walls textured, the ceiling textured and half way painted. My sweet hubby has 1/3 of the flooring installed in the living room and it is looking great! 

Enjoy the week 🙂 

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