Sunday Delights

Sweet Treats, First Heifer Calf, Visiting Loved Ones, & Farmhouse Renovation Projects:

I seriously loved this week. We fed cows during the beginning of the week because we still had snow on the ground and were busy working on projects in the farmhouse we call home at the end of the week. 

The first delight –  I went a little bananas this weekend with sweet treats. My sweet hubby surprised me Friday evening with my favorite sweet treat from our local market. It always makes me feel so loved when he surprises me. And then we went to town for supplies on Saturday we enjoyed breakfast at the same place that carries my all time favorite sweet treat which are MACARONS!!! Those are what is pictured in this post and what we did in place of cake at our wedding. I actually haven’t ate a macaroon since our wedding (which was in September) so it was really fun to indulge. 

The second delight – On Wednesday we moved the first calf heifers down to the calving pasture. For those of you who don’t know what “first calf heifers” are it is a term in the ranching industry for a heifer that will have her first calf. On Thursday we were so so so happy because one of the girls had a baby calf. We officially have our first heifer calf of 2018! 

The third delight – Sometimes I forget just how important it is to take the time to visit with your loved ones whether it be in person or over the phone. On Saturday we stopped in and visited Austin’s Granny and it was just so nice to see her and hear how her week went. 

The forth delight – Farmhouse renovation projects! I cannot even describe to you how amazing it is to renovate our home. We are currently working on flooring in the living room and master bedroom along with texturing the walls. Three weeks ago we removed the carpet that was in each room and found that at one time there was hardwood flooring that has been ruined with glued on laminate flooring. It was so sad because the hardwood that was showing was beautiful! But after a full assessment we concluded it was not repairable 😦 We decided on purchasing new flooring for the rooms that would hold up with our lifestyle and decided on LifeProof flooring from Home Depot. It has a lifetime residential warranty and is waterproof which is perfect for us! I cannot wait to share photos of our progress next week. 

Enjoy your upcoming week 🙂 Don’t forget to visit with someone you love!

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