Sunday Delights

Gus Hat, Muff, Feeding Cows & Egg Stamp: 

I have four fun delights to share from the week. I suffered from the stomach flu, which thankfully was over in 3 days, so it made my week seem a little shorter than usual. Even thought it felt shorter it still felt very full. 

The first delight – My sweet hubby got me a Christmas gift that just arrived this week! My own Gus Hat!! Words cannot describe how long I have wanted this hat and how great it fits. For those of you who don’t know what a “Gus Hat” is please take my advice and watch the series Lonesome Dove. It will seriously change your life for those of you who appreciate Western Culture. The Lonesome Dove series first aired on Television the week my mom and dad brought me home from the hospital and it gave them a small distraction from the worries of while being new parents 🙂 

The second delight – Out little dog Muff seriously has my heart and you will probably hear a lot about her in the future. She is my best gal pal and a great cow dog in training. Over the last few weeks she has started loading up on the flatbed pickup all by herself! She is just over a year old and small for her size but her confidence is not hindered by her size. It seriously just makes me sooooo happy to see her growing into a mature cow dog. 

The third delight – Well winter is still here! Silly me for thinking we could sneak into spring without seeing anymore snow. Oregon has been getting it’s fair share the last few days and we have been busy feeding cows. Watching the cows trail in for feed and seeing the sassy girls that have a great head bob with their walk is something that makes my heart happy. 

The forth delight – Our egg stamp has arrived! Austin loves his chickens and we love the eggs. We thought it would be fun to get an egg stamp for our eggs. We love it! We purchased our stamp from this shop on Easy. They are great to work with and can do custom orders or have a great selection of already created egg stamps. 

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