Sunday Delights

Herb Garden, Robin Sighting & Homemade Chicken Stock: 

I have three delights from the week to share. The first delight makes me so happy because the herb garden project has been something I have been longing to do for most of my adult life. There is something so special about having a little plot of land to grow anything your heart desires! 

The first delight – My amazing husband and I set the posts and put the fence up for my herb/perennial garden today! I am beyond excited to have this project completed. I cannot wait to pick out white paint and to water seal this beautiful new fence. All of our critters helped with the project today… chickens, goats and dogs. I think they get just as excited as we do for new “things” going on around the farm. 

The second delight – I saw a robin eating from our bird feeder on Wednesday! Robins are one of my favorite birds to have around the house because it seems like out of all the birds they are the most kind bird to the other birds. 

The third delight – On Tuesday I cooked up the leftover parts from a whole chicken we had cooked the night before and made homemade chicken stock. I used onions, carrots and celery for my veggies and thyme, sage, salt and white pepper for my seasonings. It produced 5 quart jars that are now patiently waiting in our freezer to be used. 

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