Sunday Delights

Warm Winter Weather:

I have two delights from the week that I wanted to share. 

The first delight – The weather we have been having in north central Oregon over the last two weeks has been AMAZING! It has been sooooooo warm! We worked in the garden and it was in the mid sixties. Talk about crazy weather for the end of January/ beginning of February. We started removing the weed mats from the previous year. During the removal we found tiny mustard greens growing.It was such a fun find because I did not think anything would be growing this early. Although I am beyond happy and thankful for the small break from winter, I’m a little nervous about what comes next. Warm weather too early makes all the plants wake up and when a frost comes along it kills all the early growth. My fingers are crossed that most plants stay asleep until spring. 

The second delight – I saw one of my favorite critters buzzing around on Saturday. The big bumble bee was out for an adventure and soaking up the warmth from the sunshine. 

Enjoy your Sunday and have a happy week 🙂 

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